Our Water Safety Week

Our Water Safety Week is made by qualified Professionals

Our Water Safety week is a special week (in week 9) included in our 10-week-courses which is open to the whole family: parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are welcomed to join us in learning about the possible risks in and around the water and ways to handle dangerous situations. Fully dressed we train to survive in the water, to call for help, how to help correctly and much more. It is another layer of being safer in and around water. There are many important rules for correct behavior, we want to teach the whole community.

Two weeks before school holidays we have for the whole Centre and Club a Water Safety Week. Adjusted to the courses we offer, we provide further knowledge to parents and children about the awareness of dangers that can occur around water.

Water Safety Week Inclusions

  • Danger -Response -Send help
  • Safer Practice Rescue Skills and Survival Skills
  • Resuscitation on a First Aid Manikin
  • Bring a friend or siblings on our Water Safety Week and profit from Survival Knowledge to basic Rescue skills and situations anyone needs to learn.
  • Swim in Clothes

For the kids swimming lessons we adjust to the child’s ability and understanding. But there are a lot of measures even the young ones can understand and learn:

Learn what you can do in that situation, we try to give awareness and to make them think independently what they can do without putting anyone else or themselves at danger!

Our Water Safety Week – Our Extra for Safety

We are qualified Royal Life Saving Lifeguards and Trainer and Assessor educator, who have been working in the Water Industries for years. The Program is made by professionals.

We are proud to say that we have developed one of the highest water safety programs there is on the market. We are constantly making space for more improvements of safety & survival skill for. We update with the newest regulations from Royal Life Savings and Work Health and Safety. We consider Health and Safety is one of the highest priorities in our Centre. It is our mission to the community to prepare, stay healthy and improve quality of life.

Airlie Beach Swim Centre is working on individual survival training including siblings age groups. Airlie Beach Swim Centre – prepare your child for life!

Our Mission: Coaching Children to Stay Safer

Certified Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Trainer Annika Grunwald gives an insight into her job: “In my lifetime I came across of different coaching approaches. This photo looks absolutely silly to advertise but I can ensure you 100% is was a safe and controlled photo shoot operation.

Water safety week - learn to swim
My approach of coaching is not to make children shut up and follow rules, I like to listen to what they have to say to know if the maturity and understanding of danger is going the right way. I teach my swim Students to respect and care for each other, learning to analyse, why we have rules, to inspire them to think outside of the box, think independently ahead, so if danger comes along they can identify what is wrong and right, so they won’t put themselves into danger with others. My aim is that children try to work together and learn how they can do things safely and have fun at the same time. Those children absolutely understood that concept and the message I put across.

Have a look at the picture: what a great outcome of a memory photo! We could only achieve this by working together, while stay safe and have fun. Some children don’t get the message, then they will miss out on those things, until they are ready. As I say it, it is all about learning and independent thinking.

What you don’t want for example: That your child decides hooning by 180kmh down the road with their mates and get killed and may kill someone else. I am a parent myself, it scares me. But we can’t be everywhere, anytime and forever, we have to make them ready for life, at least we can say we have tried to teach them.”

Swim Safer Weeks - Learn to survive
Swim Safer Week - Learn to rescue