Underwater Video Analysis Coaching

You are a proficient swimmer but you want to become even better? We will gladly help you! We, at the Airlie Beach Swim Centre believe that sometimes it is easier to see, what is going wrong instead of being told. That is why we offer a specialized underwater video analysis coaching. By filming your strokes and techniques both you and our Master Swim Coach will be able to analyse in slow motion every detail of your movement, to rewind to a certain moment in order to have a closer look and also to note everything that is already good or even perfect.

Step by step on the way to your improvement

As a first step you tell us what exactly is to be improved and what you would like to achieve. In the second step, we will have a close look on reality: You show us your swimming techniques and we film you underwater. This will only take some minutes. Afterwards, our Master Swim Coach will discuss with you in detail all possibilities to improve your swim stroke and will give you customized exercises that will help you perfectionating your movements in the water. Take this special step by step training program home and train just for you, and come back for more corrections and review of your outcome.

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Underwater Video Analysis Coaching - Kids learn to swim and dive in the water