Toddler Lessons

Welcome to our Parents and Toddler Swimming Lessons. We teach you and your baby how to bath in the water together. We have multiple activities for you and your child.

Course facts

  • For toddlers ages between 18 – 42 months
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Once  or twice a week to progress faster
  • Achievement: Royal Life Saving Certificate Swim and Survive Courage Award 2
  • Small Classes of 6 parents and toddlers
  • Private lessons for parents and toddlers also available – Just ask us

Book with us for 10 weeks and benefit from:

  • Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Certificate
  • Half price for third sibling and more
  • If your child is sick, make up classes are available on a different day of the booked week.
  • In our Water Safety week our Royal Life Saving trainer can teach you about CPR on a Toddler Doll and learn how address an emergencies.

Special bonus within a 10-week-course: Our Water Safety Week

Our Water Safety Week is a special week included in our 10-week-courses (in week 9) which is open to the whole family: parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are welcomed to join us in learning about the possible risks in and around the water and ways to handle dangerous situations. Constantly further developed, we offer a safety lesson which is on highest standard. Adjusted to the children’s abilities and the courses we offer, it is another layer of being safer in and around water. There are many important rules for correct behaviour, we want to teach the whole community. We provide further knowledge to parents and children about the awareness of dangers that can occur around water, survival knowledge and basic rescue skills anyone needs to learn.

About our toddlers lessons

Parents and Children learn the best way how to be safer around the water with their children, and step by step we guide you to teach your child freestyle kicks, floating, gliding, blowing bubbles, floating on back. Get ready for learn to swim classes, build body strength and achieve mental milestones.

We are specialised in early childhood swimming and surviving trainings. If you have any concerns or questions, talk to Annie who has over 20 years experience in early childhood sport coaching.

What do I need to bring to the class

  • Two towels – one for yourself and one for your child
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks
  • If necessary waterproof nappies – waterproof nappies come in various sizes and can be purchased at the pool
  • Appropriate dry clothing for after the lesson. Warm clothes in winter!
  • Food and drinks – swimming makes children hungry and thirsty. We have a microwave and a fridge you can use to store food or prepare food
  • Nappy bag, friend, partner or relative with an attitude of fun!

If some of the milestone are achieved and you want us to do private lessons, the Get Ready Program is a step by step program to learn to trust the new swim teacher. Here, we concentrate on your child in a private lessons and build up trust. Ask us about it.

There are a lot of measures even the young ones can understand and learn:

  • Danger: Learn not to jump in to rescue anyone
  • Response: Learn to respond without putting you extra in danger!
  • Send: Call for help

Learn what you can do in that situation, we try to give awareness and to make them think independently what they can do without putting anyone else or themselves at danger!

Give your child the best head start in life!

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Toddler lesseons Learning to swim and dive is fun
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Toddler Lessons
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Charlotte Boyle
toddler lessons

I highly recommend miss Annie , my son has lots of sensory issues and autism and after just 5 lessons he began playing, listening and interacting with her thanks to patients and kind nature

Thank you, Charlotte,Airlie Beach Swim Centre Toddlers private 20 minutes lesson are there for our children, to adapt to the child's needs.We are qualified to teach swimming with disabilities and we hoping to make a big positive influence in your yours life

 by Amy Guymer

I am so amazed at the way my daughter has taken on some of the skills taught in the toddler lessons! After only 2 lessons she is already doing a safe entry into the pool, just amazing! She loves the interactive classes being able to splash and learn with other children and parents. Thanks Annie!

 by Jody
Kids love Miss Annie

We love Miss Annie. I have 3 children all have done really well with miss Annie. She really knows how to get them to enjoy swimming. My son almost 2 was terrified of the water a few months with Miss Annie. swimming is now his favourite thing to do.

 by Amy
Wonderful with Kids

Annie has been a great influence on my kids, they are really comfortable swimming now and love her lessons

 by Joanna
My Child loves Miss Annie

Miss Annie is so good with Kids, my child has been going to her lessons for a year now and is so much more comfortable in the water