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Swimming Lessons for Special Needs

Swimming with a Disibility or Learn to swim with one

The Airlie Beach Swim Centre is proud to offer customized “Learn to Swim for Special Needs” courses. Our lessons for children with a disability are one-to-one lessons. We have a heated pool and will operate during the four school terms. 

Our believe

We believe that learning to swim is a right for all children, including those with a disability. We recognise that concentrated and individual focus helps those with a disability acquire the skills needed to stay safe in an aquatic environment. Moreover, swimming can be a fun and relaxing activity for children with special needs. Swimming can be beneficial for kids with special needs, especially in terms of their health and learning abilities, and finally, their future.

Free Trial Lesson

As we know that for most of you, swimming is a new experience together with your child, we gladly offer a trial lesson. But, we would like to point out, that both your child and our swimming teacher will need some time to show results: Every child, especially with a disability, reacts differently to being in the water and we ought to give them time, to get accustomed to all the positive sides of it and to enjoy it completely. Therefore, we offer 10-week-courses, which will the child the required routine and time to stay safe in the water. At the Airlie Beach Swim Centre, we would like to accompany you and your child step by step – we support you on the way.

Our club can also support you, have a look on our web page

If you need further information do not hesitate to contact Ms. Annie on 0404677400.

Learn to swim for Special Needs – Book with us for 10 weeks and benefit from:

  • Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Certificate
  • Half price for third sibling and more
  • If your child is sick, make up classes are available on a different day of the booked week.
  • Become an Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Club Member and receive benefits regarding holiday day camps, learn to swim, mini squad, triathlon competitions, Holiday Day Camp
  • If you have a Get started Voucher from Sport and recreation you can use this voucher to save $100 of the learn to swim cost. Click here to see if you are eligiable.

Special bonus within a 10-week-course: Our Water Safety Week

Our Water Safety Week is a special week included in our 10-week-courses (in week 9) which is open to the whole family: parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are welcomed to join us in learning about the possible risks in and around the water and ways to handle dangerous situations. Constantly further developed, we offer a safety lesson which is on highest standard. Adjusted to the children’s abilities and the courses we offer, it is another layer of being safer in and around water. There are many important rules for correct behaviour, we want to teach the whole community. We provide further knowledge to parents and children about the awareness of dangers that can occur around water, survival knowledge and basic rescue skills anyone needs to learn.

There are a lot of measures even the young ones can understand and learn:

  • Danger: Learn not to jump in to rescue anyone
  • Response: Learn to respond without putting you extra in danger!
  • Send Call for help

Learn what you can do in that situation, we try to give awareness and to make them think independently what they can do without putting anyone else or themselves at danger!

Swimming lessons for special needs