Pregnancy Aqua Fitness

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The Airlie Beach Swim Centre offers Pregnancy Aqua Fitness in small training groups. Our Bubs ‘n’ Bumps classes are 30 minute sessions held in a warm and relaxing environment with exercises prescribed by women’s health professionals. This class is ideal for the management of back, pelvic and muscular pain, blood circulation, flexibility, posture, swelling, tension headaches and improved sleep patterns during the pregnancy.

Booking is essential as numbers are limited in the pregnancy aqua fitness course – please contact the Centre directly to make a booking – Your first session is FREE!

What can I expect from Pregnancy Aqua Fitness?

  • A 30 minute class consisting of water based exercises and aqua fitness in a heated pool specifically customized to the needs of pregnant women
  • Exercises focus on core and pelvic floor safe activity.
  • A combination of cardio, strengthening and stretching aims at maintaining fitness levels, strengthening your entire body with a special emphasis on core and pelvic floor and stretching the areas that we know need some extra attention!
  • Small and personalized classes with highly trained instructors.
  • A fun and nurturing atmosphere with plenty of friendships to be made.

Why in the pool?

  • Exercising in water during our pregnancy aqua fitness is a great alternative to land based exercise as the buoyancy of the water allows a low impact, but challenging workout.
  • Options to suit all fitness levels – you can work at your own pace!
  • Great way for those with lower back pain or pelvic girdle pain to maintain fitness and strength throughout pregnancy.
  • As you can move more freely in the water you can exercise right up until your due date. There is also a research that recommends exercising in water late into pregnancy due to the positive effects that it has on increasing blood flow and swelling.
  • Post natally, pool based exercise is a great way to ease yourself back into physical activity.

What do I need to do / bring?

  • Towel, water bottle, bathers.
  • For your first class in particular, make sure you eat a light snack approximately 1 hour before.
  • Have some small snacks handy for after your class – exercising in water is very different to exercising on land and you may find your first class more tiring than you expect.

Do I need medical clearance?

  • As long as your GP has given you the all clear to perform regular exercise, then no additional medical clearance is required. However, if you have had a complicated pregnancy in the past or have any concerns, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor prior to your first session.
  • If you are postnatal, please check in with your OB/GP six weeks after birth before jumping back into the pool. If you had a complicated delivery, we also recommend getting in touch with Candice or Fiona at Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy who can perform a pelvic floor assessment and ease you back into exercise safely.

What if things change during my pregnancy?

  • The benefit of having small classes is that all of our instructors will get to know you on a personal level. If anything changes throughout the course of your pregnancy, make sure you let your instructor know and they will note it on your file. If necessary, we can react flexibly, even if you cannot proceed with the course. In the event that you are no longer allowed to exercise we will enable you to change the remaining sessions to other courses, for example postnatal aqua fitness courses or baby swimming courses.
Pregnacy Aqua Fitness
Pregnacy Aqua Fitness
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Pregnancy Aqua Fitness
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 by Jenny
Wow, i feel like a million dollars after aqua fitness sessions

Thanks, Annie so much, these aqua fitness sessions make my pregnancy so much more enjoyable, I honestly feel so much relief after every session