Our Swimming Pool


Our Swim Centre

Our heated pool is 15 meters long and has a 10 meters shallow end from 1.1 meters to 1.3 meters deep, which can be used for Learn to Swim courses, Squad Training, and Aqua Fitness. The area of the deep end is 30 m² and up to 2.5 meters deep – perfect for Scuba Diving Training, Learn to Snorkel courses and Aqua Fitness.

Ozone Swim/ Salt Water Chlorine Sanitizer:

Combine the benefits of mineral salt water with the power of ozone to create the ultimate soft, clean, hygienic and odour free water for your swimming pool, spa or water feature.

How are these benefits achieved?

  • Ozone breaks down chlorine by-products (chloramines)
  • Ozone kills bacteria and viruses as well as chlorine-resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium
  • Ozone is produced on-site so there is no need to store hazardous chemicals
  • Ozone breaks down into simple oxygen, therefore, leaving no chemical residue

Our Heating: The pool is heated by a solar pool blanket and a pool heater at the same time, we like to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The temperature varies depending on Baby Swimming Lessons and Squad Training days from 28.5 C – max 33 C.

Shade: The pool is 40m² big and in the shallow end we have a 6-7 meters shade area where parents and children do there most exercises.

Ask us for pool hire, for water education events or special training sessions.

Our Customer Car Park

Our Customer Car Park is a safer area where children climb out and in the car. We have an extra Safety Signage up which indicates watch out for children.

Wind protection

Our Centre provides wind protection areas to the most side of the pool to keep children and parents more comfortable protected from the wind.

Fun Activities Area

Children and Babies have an undercover safer fenced play Area, and outdoor Adventure Area and outside of the pool area, we have a tree swing and playground fun area.

Our pool in Airlie Beach
Junior Lifeguards