Our Learn to Swim and Survive Program

In our Learn to Swim and Survive program all our Swim Teachers are certified Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Trainers and having a current Working with Children Blue Card. Our Lessons are in heated pool, in a safe and professional clean environment.

Our Learn to Swim Program Under Age of 5

Set up your child for life under 5 and instil confident milestones first before going for the glory!

The Airlie Beach Swim Centre is approaching children under 5 years of age in different ways: We adjust to the child’s ability of coordination, physical and psychological abilities. We developed a training program which will work towards a faster outcome to reach those abilities earlier. Every day counts in terms safety of little children in and around water! That is why we are convinced that it doesn’t make sense to teach a child a 100% Olympic Stroke if it has not the above-mentioned abilities.

As we are Royal Saving Trainers it is in our highest interest to teach your child to be safer around water and swim and survive. We are not interested to teach 6 meters of perfect Olympic freestyle and then drown! There are other milestones need to be addressed first. Ask us about it – we gladly give you detailed information!

Book with us for 10 weeks and benefit from:

  • Royal Life Saving Water Safety Week, especially adjusted to the children’s abilities, siblings safety etc.
  • Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Certificate
  • Half price for third sibling and more
  • If your child is sick, make up classes are available on a different day of the booked week.
  • Become an Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Club Member and receive benefits regarding holiday day camps, learn to swim, mini squad, triathlon competitions, Holiday Day Camp

My job is my passion, my message to you!

I developed the Early Learn to Swim and Survive Program to teach children to learn to swim quicker, to be confident in the water, and to be able to survive. In Germany, I worked as a Lifeguard and now as a mum with two children, I have experienced how frightened children can be around water. It all takes time to instil confidence. I am absolutely passionate about my mission as a Royal Life Saving Trainer and Swim Coach to give your child a keen awareness of how they can enjoy water and be safer at the same time.


Swimming is a life skill. In my opinion swimming should be the first sport a child should learn. The drowning rate in Queensland for under five year olds is pretty high because of the Australian lifestyle we live, such as living next to the beach, creeks, rivers, lakes or because of pools in our backyards.


How beneficial is swimming to a child’s development? The Griffith Institute for Educational Research, recently revealed that children who learn to swim from a young age on, reached many developmental milestones earlier than other children the same age. Some of these milestones included visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring-in and drawing lines and shapes, mathematical-related tasks, literacy and numeracy.


Children here in Queensland need to be ready for school at the age of five. They need to be able to concentrate, listen, to be apart of a group, follow directions and rules. Other character building skills such as learning to trust others and losing separation anxiety, learn to have fun with children of the same age, learning to cope with new skills, getting confident with what they are able to do, to learn not to give up – even if it is hard – are important to their development.

All these milestones are included in our ‘Learn to Swim Program’. This gives your child a better head start for school. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I have over 20 years experience in early childhood sport coaching.

Annika Grunwald

Owner of the Airlie Beach Swim Centre

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Our learn to swim and survive program
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