Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

Learn to swim at Airlie Beach Swim Centre

Learn to swim and survive asap are our specialties in early age.

A free assessment is required to ensure the Childs needs and abilities.

Our swimming lessons are adjusted to your child’s ability; we keep lessons colourful and enjoyable. We have a gentle approach to get your child water familiar, confident to swim and survive.

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Course Facts

  • The duration of one Early Childhood Swim and Survive lesson is 30 minutes
  • Small classes of maximum three children
  • The goals are confidence in swimming 15 metres on their front and back
  • Coming twice a week is highly recommended
  • It usually takes a child 25 swimming lessons to get those swimming abilities
  • Private 20 minutes lessons available

Book with us for 10 weeks and benefit from:

  • Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Certificate
  • Half price for third sibling and more
  • If your child is sick, make up classes are available on a different day of the booked week.
  • Become an Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Club Member and receive benefits regarding holiday day camps, learn to swim, mini squad, triathlon competitions, Holiday Day Camp
  • If you have a Get started Voucher from Sport and recreation you can use this voucher to save $100 of the swimming lessons cost. Click here to see if you are eligiable.

Special bonus within a 10-week-course: Our Water Safety Week

Our Water Safety Week is a special week included in our 10-week-courses (in week 9) which is open to the whole family: parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are welcomed to join us in learning about the possible risks in and around the water and ways to handle dangerous situations. Constantly further developed, we offer a safety lesson which is on highest standard. Adjusted to the children’s abilities and the courses we offer, it is another layer of being safer in and around water. There are many important rules for correct behaviour, we want to teach the whole community. We provide further knowledge to parents and children about the awareness of dangers that can occur around water, survival knowledge and basic rescue skills anyone needs to learn.

About the lessons

Learning how to swim is an essential part of Australian life. That is why one of our biggest goals at the Airlie Beach Swim Centre is that kids, even the youngest, learn to swim while developing a sense for danger and for responding to it in the right way. The earlier and the faster even the smallest children learn to swim and survive in water, the smaller the risk of drowning accidentally in the pool.

Our classes incorporate teaching principles from both the Royal Life Saving Society and Swim Australia. Airlie Beach Swim Centre has a unique development training plan from the 1st lesson to completion with high quality equipment to give your child rapid results. In this way, your child will quickly learn to swim and survive. Feel welcomed to come for a free assessment.

Early Childhood Swim and Survive

Furthermore, our trainers at the Airlie Beach Swim Centre are approaching children under 5 years of age in different ways: We adjust to the child’s ability of coordination, physical and psychological abilities. We have developed a training program which aims for a fast outcome, namely the ability to swim 15 metres on the front and back, to feel confident and not afraid in the water and, most important, to survive.Thanks to our program your children will be able to reach those abilities earlier. It doesn’t make sense to teach a child a 100% Olympic Stroke if it has not the above-mentioned abilities.

As we are Royal Life Saving Trainers it is in our highest interest to teach your child to be safer around water and swim and survive. We are not interested to teach them 6 meters of perfect Olympic freestyle and then drown! There are other milestones that need to be addressed first.

Ask us about it – we gladly give you detailed information on our program and how it works!

Discount: Twice week swimming lessons are discounted because we can work with your child towards the best and fastest outcome.

Learn to Swim ASAP – Includes Holiday Intensive Lessons

Furthermore this year, we offer “Learn to Swim Asap” which includes holiday intensive lesson. In these courses, we start with a holiday intensive week, in which we have sessions from Monday to Friday. The intensive lessons are a great startup to gain trust with the swim teacher and to get water familiarisation. Then we continue with twice a week swimming lessons in School Term.  Our courses are held in small classes of maximum three children. The goals are confidence in swimming 15 metres in Freestyle or Breaststroke as well as 15m Backstroke. It usually takes a child 25 swimming lessons to get those swimming abilities.

With the Holiday swimming offers you have the chance to ‘fast-track’ your child’s progress in the pool, all the while having fun in the water too! Providing the opportunity for intensive skill-building.

All our Teachers are certified Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Trainers and having a current Working with Children Blue Card. Our Lessons are in heated pool, in a safe and professional clean environment

In case you cannot arrange to come twice a week, please contact us – casual lessons are available on request.


There are a lot of measures even the young ones can understand and learn:

  • Danger: Learn not to jump in to rescue anyone
  • Response: Learn to respond without putting you extra in danger!
  • Send Call for help

Learn what you can do in that situation, we try to give awareness and to make them think independently what they can do without putting anyone else or themselves at danger!

Kids learn to swim at Airlie Beach Swim Centre
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Learn to Swim
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Sarah on Learn to Swim
My kids are so confident

Miss Annie and Miss Jacki are really amazing, my kids have been with them for a few months now and i cant believe how much more confident in the water they are now. I love how they teach water safety first, having a pool at home this has made me feel better that they are now more vigilant in the water.

by Ashley on Learn to Swim
Learn to swim

My son's swimming has improved greatly with Annies
tuition highly recommend Annies swim school @ Airlie beach swim Center

by Kate on Learn to Swim

After just a couple of lessons Annie and Jacqui have my 3-year-old back in love with swimming again. They really relate at her level and make her enjoy going swimming. After going backwards at another swim school, she is now loving being in the water and is again floating on her back and doing what she should be. And the lesson goes for 30 minutes, so she gets a lot out of it. Thanks Annie and Jacqui for putting the smile back on her face in the water.

by Tony on Learn to Swim

Airlie Beach Swim Centre is fantastic for my 4 year old, her swimming and confidence has been excellent. We can't wait for swimming lessons each week with Miss Annie. Couldn't recommend it high enough.